How to buy a business or franchise how to buy a business mail order restaurant service

"If you are not prepared to put everything you have into making a
business succeed, you should probably get a job..." cb
Looking for a business and not a job?

Valuation Software & Techniques

Where's the value?

Where's the seller financing?

Business Checklist

Business Buyer Resources

Buyer Disclosure

Buyers Cash Requirements

Buyers Ask Questions

Buyer Information

Know What To Look For

Business Information Sheet

Buyer Memorandum

Confidential Buyer Profile

Instructions For Evaluating

Thank You For Choosing Us

Food Service start up/turn around

Pre-paid services

Ratios of Value

Show me your books

Terms of the trade

Escrow or earnest deposit

Due Diligence Checklist


Proper pricing. What you don't know now will cost you later.

Do you actually understand what is for sale? Not ROI!

Why won't the seller finance me anymore?

All the information about the business you will want to know

A 420 page guide to make sure you buy the right business

Required to assure seller of your good confidential intent

Help determine if the business fits you

Some questions other buyers have asked in the past

Keeping everyone informed is what we get paid for

If you are just beginning to look, this may help

Information about the business the seller should be providing

The court archives keeping everyone honest

Confidential questionnaire to help find you a business

Step by step formula to evaluate the business

"Hey, we want to earn your business!"

Needed information for restaurant or hospitality success

Assets or liability?

Understanding product turn, mark up, profit and debt service

Why that is the worst thing you can say!

Before you negotiate, you need to understand what is said.

Just who has your deposit and where is it?

Download a 200 point checklist guaranteed to save you

How to buy, value, write a business plan

how to buy a business for sale course
Everything you need to learn before you buy a business
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