Buying or Selling a business for the right price?

How do you know...

VALUEware 6.0 that's how!


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This package consists of a step by step book and an Interactive Business Valuation Software designed specifically for the valuation of small and mid-size businesses (Companies with revenues from $100,000 to $20,000,000). No financial expertise is required, yet MBAs and financial novices alike find VALUware 6.0 easy to use and a valuable time saving resource ~ companion to the book "In and Out of Business . . . Happily!"
It is designed for
  • Windows 95 to XP
  • Business purchase or sale
  • Partnership buy-outs
  • Buy-ins
  • Preparing a business for sale
  • Estate planning
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Business Analysis
  • Value Enhancement
  • Calculate Terms vs Cash Value
  • Transaction Fairness Testing
    The report generated by the software program will even satisfy the requirements of IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.
    VALUware 6.0 is a powerful, interactive software program and the only valuation program known to differentiate valuation methods by type of buyer and type of business. It “crunches the numbers” for various businesses the way different buyers will. Find out how you can increase the value of the business you buy or own without increasing declared profits. Determine the real value for any small to mid-size business with confidence.
    Value and Price - With a value having been determined VALUware 6.0 assists you in developing a fair pricing structure. It's not what you pay but how you pay it and It's not what you get for the business but rather what you get to keep that's important. A Justification of Purchase and Transaction Structure feature is built into the program enabling you to determine not only the right price but the right terms as well.
    With VALUware 6.0 you can quickly determine:
  • Which valuation method(s) are most appropriate for use with the type and size business involved
  • The right price for any small to mid size business
  • The ideal transaction structure
  • How to maximize value and minimize risk
  • What impact financing, or the lack thereof, has on a fair price
  • How to increase value of the business you own or acquire without increasing declared profits
    VALUware 6.0 automatically generates:
  • Computation of thirty valuation methods and variations at the touch of a key
  • Separates business value by type of buyers active in today's marketplace
  • Creation of Comparative Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Ratio Analysis
  • Calculate "What if" Transaction Structuring & Fairness Testing -- Is it a fair deal?
  • Risk, Bankability and Collateral Analysis
  • Determine the impact financing, or the lack thereof, will have on a Value?
  • Business Profile Matrix to simplify collecting data or developing an offering brochure.
  • Develop projections of future profitability quickly and easily.
  • Report generation -- Perform valuations for business clients.
  • The built in Report Writer generate a 50+ page report with graphs.
  • System requirements: Windows 95 to XP - 10 Meg hard drive, HP compatible printer
    The book, "In and Out of Business ... Happily" includes such Insider Information as:
  • Costly traps to avoid when buying or selling all, or part of any business
  • Ten major reasons why buying or a selling a business is different than buying or selling anything else you can imagine - How applying this information puts you in control
  • How to identify buyers willing to pay premium prices
  • How to identify a "Real Bargain"
  • Non-financial elements that increase or decrease a business's value
  • Buy or sell any business at the right price and terms
  • Why financial information is generally of secondary importance when determining business value
  • Discover negotiating strategies that produce win-win transactions
  • Determine the optimum time to buy or sell any business
  • Understand the impact transaction structure has upon value and how to minimize risk
    The previously unwritten rules on how to buy or sell a small to mid-size business. Avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes. Determine the right price for any private or family businesses (with sales between $100,000 and $20,000,000). Case studies illustrate why different buyers pay different prices. Explains why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory. Bound in a sturdy 3 ring binder for ease of reference.
    Based on case studies and real world information. NOT theory.
    Do you already know how to:
  • determine the difference between a Cash price and a price where you offer terms and gain an understanding of which would be better for you?
  • structure a sale so the business will stay sold?
  • how to determine the optimum time to sell your firm or buy another?
  • understand the impact future actions and decisions will have upon the value and profitability of your business?
  • understand the impact deal structure has upon value and how to minimize risk?
  • develop comprehensive ratio and financial analysis, complete with explanations of applications and meaning?
  • produce a Business Checkup for which your accountant would have to charge many times the cost of this package?
  • compare your operation and profitability with others from within your industry?
  • identify areas of opportunity for improved profits and operations?
  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements of your financial statemtnes and how they are interpreted?
  • If you answered NO to one of the above questions, you may need this package!
    $295.00 US
    cash - check - money order - credit card
    Book alone sells for $65.00 and software alone sells for $330.00
    Introductory price of $100 off for the two!
    This package has been prepared by Theodore P. Burbank who has participated in the valuation and or sale of more than 2,000 companies from $100,000 to $32,000,000. Mr. Burbank is a nationally recognized authority of the subject of business sales and valuations. He is also a founding Director and Treasurer of the New England Business Brokers Association as well as a Charter Member and Fellow of the International Business Brokers Association. Mr. Burbank is one of 'those' that pioneered the way for the rest of 'us'!
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