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These questions were developed, to make you really think about what you are doing!


Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City, Postal Code: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: home: ________________ fax: _______________ work: _______________

Marital Status: ________________ Children: ____________________________________



1) Are you in your own business now? If yes, what type?

2) Have you ever owned a business? If yes, what type?

3) What type of jobs have you had?

4) What were your positions and responsibilities?

5) What was the best job or business you ever had? Why?

6) What was the worst job or business you ever had? Why?

7) Describe in general what you think might be the perfect business for you? Why?

8) What type of business would you never want to own? Why?

9) What are the specific types of business you are most interested in?

10) What type of businesses have you looked at?

11) Why didn't you buy any of them?

12) What did you like about them?

13) What didn't you like about them?

14) How long have you been looking for a business?

15) What are your business goals?

16) What are your strengths?

17) What are your weaknesses?

18) Why do you want to own a business?

19) What is your time frame for purchasing a business?

20) Do you have any hobbies or special interests? If so, what are they?

21) What type of work schedule do you prefer? Hours: Days:

22) Ideally, where would you like your business to be located?

23) How far would you be willing to travel?

24) Are you presently working with another broker? If yes, whom.

25) Do you intend to work full time at your business?

26) Will family or anyone else help in operating the business? If yes, whom.

27) How does your spouse feel about you wanting to purchase a business?


Financial Information

1) How much do you expect to earn from your business?

2) What is the minimum income you require?

3) What is the total investment you are considering?

4) How do you plan on financing the purchase?

5) What is your approximate net worth?

6) How much of that amount is available for the down payment?

7) Can you think of anything else that would help me to find you a great business?


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