Buyer Disclosure Information how to buy a business mail order restaurant service


1) The parties agree that the business broker is to receive copies of all documents pertaining to this sale. The parties agree to instruct their respective legal advisor or escrow holder to include the business broker in the distribution of documents pertaining to the sale.
2) The buyer has personally inspected this business and has satisfied him or herself with their ability to conduct it, and purchases the business with a clear and distinct understanding that all profits are future
3) Buyer is aware that a financial statement and a credit report may be required by Seller to evaluate books & records, by the Lessor, by the Seller if Seller financing is involved in the sale. Buyer is not aware of anything that would adversely affect the credit report.
4) The Buyer should be aware that taking physical possession of the business prior to the legal closing may result in detrimental changes to the business and may affect the closing of the sale.
5) It is understood that the Business Broker merely acts as an intermediary and cannot give legal advice. If the Buyer desires legal advice, he or she is advised to seek such legal advice.
6) The Buyer agrees that if he or she buys, leases, becomes a manager of or becomes connected in any way, with any of the businesses presented as being available for sale, that he or she will protect the business brokers right to a commission. The buyer should understand that if he or she interferes in any way with the business brokers right to a commission from the seller he or she may be personally liable for the payment of the commission.
7) The buyer should be aware that all information furnished him or her regarding any of the businesses offered for sale is strictly confidential, including the fact that it is for sale. The business’s ability to remain competitive and its continuing success may hinge on any information concerning it's possible sale or other confidential matters not being revealed to third parties or employees of the business, other than the Buyers legal advisors.
8) The Buyer should be aware that, unless otherwise informed in writing, the Business Broker represents and is being paid by the Seller.
9) The Buyer should understand that the Business Broker may furnish information on the various businesses offered for sale. The Business Broker does not make any representations or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.
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