Legalese: These sample forms are meant to be used as a guide or for comparison by the user. Subsequent statutory changes and court decisions may affect their validity. The user is advised to verify the continued validity of any form in light of any changes in the law. Buy Sell Agreements should be subject to your attorney's approval as to the content. We deal with price and terms, your attorney practices law. They can make any changes necessary. Consult your attorney to gain his/her approval for use of these or other contracts.


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Some buyers want security regarding their assets and investments

Serious buyer's non-disclosure agreement of facts pertaining to business

More legal tortuous interference documents from the court archives

Professional business brokers register all prior to disclosing information

Work sheet to break down/recast all income and expense items

International Business Brokers Association code of ethics

This is the first documental link in the paper trail in selling a business

It is important to know whom the broker works for and is working with

Most details need to be in writing to be enforceable, advertised or sold

Counter offers are not what they appear to be, or are they...

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