We have a wealth of experience in dealing with people interested in buying a business. In fact, we have been at it since 1978.

The challenge that every buyer faces, is how to navigate their way through all of the decisions and different stages of the buying process without the benefit of expert advice. Since most are first time buyers, it is a very difficult task at best.

While we provide valuable resources for buyers, we would highly recommend that anyone who is interested in buying a business evaluate The Business Buyer Resource Center (click here).

They offer the most comprehensive and effective techniques available for buying a business that we have found. Best of all, you can download all of the strategies. It's a 400 page easy to follow program and the cost is negligible. It is well worth your time to investigate it. Actually, can you afford not to?

We first became aware of the system after referring a buyer to Fort Lauderdale for a million dollar business purchase. The buyer called excited that the broker we recommended had given him a huge due diligence checklist. He had never seen anything like it and purchased the third business the broker found. (It turns out the broker was using the strategies to pre-qualify seller businesses...)

It wasn't long before we ordered our own set of The Buyer Resource Center and Due Diligence Checklist. Any broker or buyer looking for a way to further their knowledge base will not be without this set either. Any seller serious about selling, should now be well prepared.

Thank you and continued success,

Charles Bennett
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