Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Whether you are buying an existing business/franchise, or starting your own. Sooner or later you will want to be able to accept credit cards. Almost everyone carries one and it is so nice for impulse sales and services!

Now, shop around. Call you local banks and ask how much it will cost to set up a new merchant account. What will the monthly fees be? Per transaction fee? Verification fee? Minimum monthly fee? Reporting fee? Application fee? Setup fee?

As I learned, it can be expensive! If you do not have fixed retail location, it gets even worse! Should you be doing mail order or internet sales, watch the expression on your bankers face when you disclose this!

When I was shopping for a merchant account in 1998 I got quotes from $1,000 to $2,000 just for the initial set up. My local bank was high, the discount clubs were higher, and national banks were even higher. I ended up going with a service out of California and banking through Texas. My fee at that time was $475.00 which I considered a bargain compared to my bank that was holding my money!

Today, I have found another company with lower (zero) application fees. They have agreed to waive the normal $250 application fee to customers of

If you have a storefront retail location your processing fee will be under 2% and if you are mail order, internet based or traveling doing shows your fee will be just over 2%. and Bizology announce a strategic alliance

Beverly Hills, CA - 3/2/2001 --, the leading provider of electronic commerce and credit card processing services, today announced a powerful strategic alliance with Bizology of Williamsburg, VA (website:, a resource center dedicated to web and business development. As a Partner of, Bizology will use Internet based e-commerce software to strengthen its Internet service offerings by providing customers with pre-approved, turnkey electronic commerce solutions that interface their customers new and existing websites.

"The partnership will enable Bizology to offer a world class turnkey e-commerce solution to our customers", said Charles Bennett, an executive at Bizology. "We have negotiated with for all Bizology´s customers to get a merchant account with the $250.00 application fee waived. Customers of Bizology will only pay the lowest prices available for credit card acceptance. also has also extended leasing programs available for the small business budget." "Partnering with well known internet development companies like Bizology is a huge part of our marketing strategy," said Alexis Watson, Vice President "With cutting edge Internet based partners like Bizology across the country, can look forward to even more rapid advancements of our industry-leading Internet commerce solution."

"As our customers´ requirements evolve and the market continues to grow, the need for a standardized, scalable Internet commerce platform is essential in order to continue delivering superior service," said Charles Bennett, an executive at Bizology. " is an industry-proven solution that will enable Bizology to seamlessly expand its service offerings to a growing customer base."

Bizology´s customers, can now commerce-enable any web site in just a few days. This will allow them to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards and Online Checks directly from any web site, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from anywhere in the world.

Bizology has also announced a three tier commission, affiliate program in partnership with "The Merchant Account affiliate program is the best one we have found", said Charles Bennett, "We feel that our customers will do very well offering these needed services on their website. They will earn income from the best commission program on the Internet".

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