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These are some actual letters or emails from buyers, investment firms,
bankers, or broker's looking for businesses for their buyers.


CPA and dental practices. Requests from all over!
Mail order companies that can be relocated.
Restaurant in Williamsburg. Up to 100k down. Bringing in own concept. 50-75 seats, fine dining
Restaurants- distressed situations with or without real estate.
Professional service or distribution business in Northern VA/MD/DC/PA/WV up to $200,000 cash down to first with owner financing or SBA loan. Ready to move immediately.
Northern Virginia to Pennsylvania in the food manufacturing industry. Prepared to put cash down payment up to $400,000 for business. Would like management in place and semi-active ownership.
Hi I'm am relocating to Florida and wanted some info ??? Service business or franchise in Palm Beach County.
After briefly looking over your site, I did not see information regarding N.J. Any suggestions that you may have regarding buying a prosperous business, preferably from an individual who is looking to retire and willing to spend time and energy introducing the company. Advice would
be appreciated. Investment from $250,000 to 2,500,000.
I am currently interested in purchasing an existing business in the South Florida ( FORT LAUDERDALE/ Pembroke Pines / Weston Area). Wondering if you have listings available. I also noticed the routes you highlight in your web site. Please enclose a # where I can reach you or E-Mail me info. I have owned 5 businesses in the last 8 years and would like to start
again in South Florida.
Dunkin' Donuts unit is just too small. Problem with an under $1MM price tag is there's just not enough money to go around. In simple terms, I'm looking at a "salary" of min $100K (more like $150+) plus a minimum 25% "unleveraged" return (pluses and minuses depending upon tax attributes, reinvestment required, "favorable" financing terms, "risk profile" of business, etc.). Therefore minimum Owners cash flow has to be about $350K -- targeting more like about $500K+. Again, thanks -- if you come across something a little bigger, let me know.
Do you know of any Child Day Care Centers or Computer education centers for
children that are for Sale in the Richmond Area?
I am looking to purchase mail-order diabetic supply companies. Location unimportant, price $20K to $2Mil. Looking to aggressively acquire companies. This is a long term acquisition process so please keep my name and number, in case you find something a couple years from now. You find them, and I'll buy them. Thanks.
I live in a little area named xxx, PA. It is between Hanover & Glen Rock, PA. The ideal place for me would be Hanover area, or York. Also possibly the Westminster, MD area. I have plenty of capital available to invest. $100,000 plus assents to borrow against. I really can't be very specific on what I am looking for, I am willing to hear about most anything. Thank you for taking the time.
Basically, I am interested in 40 to 50 straight rental units without bar or restaurant. Location is very important in this business. Franchise or independently own business - doesn't matter. Must be a year around well established business. I can come up with $ 150K down. As far as price is
concern, it depends on the condition of the property and revenue. If price is right and profit is there, property will move. First of all, see if you can find the business based on the data I am giving you, then will talk about the asking price.
I am interested in buying a motel. 40-50 units without bar/restaurant. Must have living quarter. NJ, PA, NC, VA states. If you have any listings, please advise.
Looking to purchase independent insurance agency (ies) in North Carolina. Property and casualty only (mainly auto & home). Book of business must be at least 2 million in premium or larger.
Richmond to Norfolk $200,000 cash down with an owner benefit of $150,000 verifiable on the books & records.
Annual revenues of $12 to 200 million with minimum EBITDA of $2 million and 18% profit margins.
I am looking to purchase a business in VA (immediately upon finding the correct one). Below is my resume so you can see my work history. I am essentially looking for the following type of business:
1. Business to business (would only consider certain retail operations in the recreation market)
2. Down payment in the area of $150,000
3. Purchase price should be no more than (including any inventory) 450-550K
4. Owner or Bank financial balance
5. Positive cash flow to pay business loan plus the ability to generate an income of minimum 60k.
6. Business preferably with a positive cash flow for at least 3-5 years
7. Good growth opportunity either regionally or in the industry
AT this point I am ready to remain open to most business ops that fit more or less this set of criteria. Please contact me if you have any listing that fit the above.
(Name, address, resume & financial information on file)
I am looking for an insurance company with a purchase price between $5 to $15 million. The insurance company can be anything from property to indemnity, nationwide. The radio station purchase price can range from $500,000 to $15 million, and we are looking for the following criteria:
1) Consistent earning power.
2) Current management remains in place
3) Capital adequacy in good condition
Please contact me if you come across anything. Thank you.
Telephone: xxx-xxx-4482
Dear Mr. Bennett:
My name is xxxxxxx, business broker with xxxxxxxxxxx. I wonder, first if you co-broke listings. Second, if you have any manufacturing or distributing companies in your area. Both companies must be relocatable. The manufacturing must be of packaged goods. The distribution company can be of anything, though not too large an object. The distribution company can be a home base business,and we don't want to go into franchises.
If you feel you can assist me in this area I would be very glad to hear from you. I do have buyers, ready and able to buy existing businesses such as those mentioned above. I also have buyers who look for heating and air conditioning companies.
If you think that this might be of interest to you, please e-mail me and we can discuss in further detail how we can help each other. My phone numbers are as follows:
Thanking you in advance.
Investment and Merchant Bankers
United States and Canada
We are cash buyers for certain types of businesses in the United States and Canada. We buy with our own and investors capital the following types of businesses:
Any type of retail establishment is of interest to us, but we are most interested in wholesale and retail nurseries and garden centers, discount store chains, restaurant chains, food service businesses, hardware and home center chain stores and lumber yards, auto parts and accessories, plumbing
parts, sporting goods and office supply with minimum revenues of $1 million.
We will consider agricultural investments in grain storage, fruit, vegetable, and meat packing companies. We also seek to acquire farm equipment dealers manufactures and distributors.
We will only consider banks where we can acquire a minimum of 80% interest in the bank. Assets must be at least $50 million but we prefer assets of $100 and up. We will not look at banks with a poor quality portfolio of loans.
We will consider all established regional securities firms with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million.
We will consider any type of wholesale distribution company, but we prefer to look at hardware, plumbing, paint, appliances, electronics, fuel, auto and truck parts and food service.
We want to acquire nationwide new and modern assisted living homes in high growth areas. We will consider any property not over 5 years old with a verifiable rental history.
We want to acquire national franchise businesses in the following categories, restaurants and fast food, automobile parts,products, products and services, groups of national gas stations, book stores, equipment rentals, printing and copying and sports equipment.
We are a very busy investment and merchant banking firm. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO's, Private Placements, Equipment Leasing, Asset Based Financing, Mezzanine Financing, Real Estate Financing, Venture Capital Commercial Finance & Factoring and
Merchant Banking. We acquire businesses for our own account and that of our clients. after we improve their performance, we will hold, resell, or merge them with another company we acquire.
Our interest is to expand our business nationwide by setting up representative offices throughout the United States and Canada. If you feel you have the background experience, and the desire to get
involved in the exciting world of investment banking and merchant banking we hope you will consider joining as our local representative. We are willing to acquire for our own account, or for our investors(one of which you can be if you desire to be), any business entity which meets our
requirements. We prefer larger businesses, but we are willing to look at any business which meets our acquisition criteria (see criteria listing in our main brochure). CBCC is able to provide from seventy to 100% of the capital needed to purchase a business. If the full 100% is not provided
from CBCC the sellers will be asked to carry the balance.
Merchant Banking is one of the most exciting and highly profitable and exciting areas of investment banking, and has the greatest potential for you and your firm, since you can be a principal in each transaction that you bring in, and participate in the acquisition directly. Additionally,
as you are a principal you will receive significantly higher compensation on transactions in which your office is involved.
We do not require that you devote full time to this business, and as an independent contractor, you can continue to engage in your regular trade or profession. Please feel free if you wish to contact us about becoming our local managing director.
Dear Mr. Bennett:
New XXXX Inc. is a XXX business broker. In the past year while working with a variety of clients in several business categories we developed contacts with many serious buyers who are actively seeking acquisitions within their respective business specialties.

Therefore, if you have any current or future clients that are selling businesses in the categories in which I have buyer contacts, I may be able to assist you in your efforts. I have worked with several other brokers under theses conditions and would be glad to furnish references regarding the leads that
I have provided and the confidentiality principles that I follow.
The key buyer contacts are interested in:
Label printing businesses with sales in excess of $1.5 million in the Southeast. The buyers' desires are for pressure sensitive label companies that supply labels to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors.
Food processing companies with sales in excess of $2.0 million which have branded and non-branded products and grocery store distribution. Buyers are not interested in "distributors only" or any meat processing companies. Preference is for a Southeast location.
Specialty sign manufacturer in the Southeast. Preference is for companies who may have a national account base and offer architectural signage, hospitality signs, interior signs, and directories. Traditional signage companies or franchises that do billboards and neon signs for local markets are of no interest. Company sales should be in excess of $1.5 million.
Security guard companies throughout the Southeast with revenues over $1.0 million.
Electronic security companies that install closed circuit TV systems, access controls, fire & burglar alarms, and energy management systems. The customer base should be predominantly commercial and corporate accounts. Preferred locations are AL, GA, and TN. Sales should exceed $1.0 million.
Industrial supply wholesale companies with sales in excess of $1.5 million in Alabama and Georgia.
Blow molding operations that produce plastic bottles in any Southeast location. Sale should be over $2.5 million.
If you have anyone that meets these established criteria, you may call me at xxxxxxx or fax me at xxxxxxxxx or send an E-mail to
Vice President
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email to : info [at] bizology [dot] com
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