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Businesses should not be put up for sale, they should be put up to be sold. Think like a buyer will. These are actual questions a buyer faxed in before he would fly in to look at this business. He had a better plan than most sellers I meet.


1) Is the business computerized?
2) Who are the targeted customer bases?
3) Does the business have any distributors?
4) How many distributors, if any?
5) Where are the distributors located? (City & State)
6) How many accounts does the business have?
7) What percentage is the largest account?
8) What percentage is the second largest account?
9) How many different products are offered?
10) What is the detailed inventory?
11) How old is the inventory?
12) What is the percentage of the largest selling item?
13) What is the percentage of the second largest item?
14) What is the inventory of the two largest selling items?
15) How many employees do you have?
16) How many managers do you have?
17) How many sales people do you have?
18) Salary Of each employee and position?
19) Does the business have a toll free number?
20) Does the business have a FAX number?
21) Does the business have a web site?
22) How are the orders received?
23) How are they shipped?
24) How many vendors do you have?
25) Where are they located?
26) Does the business own any molds?
27) How many molds?
28) Who is holding the molds?

While a lot of these questions may not relate to you business, it gives you an idea of how thorough the buyers search and questions can be. Step away from you business and try to look at it through the eyes of a buyer. Would you buy it?

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