Financial, Confidentiality & (NDA) Non-Disclosure Agreement

I, __________________________________________________, herein known as Prospect, personally warrant the following:

1) Agree to work exclusively with Charles Bennett, Broker for the possible procurement of the following businesses, be it on a personal basis or corporate. In the event I choose to bring in another Broker to assist me in the purchase, I will compensate that Broker on my own accord.

2) In terms of Section 475.42(l)(j) of the Florida Statutes, Broker shall have the right to lien & encumber business and/or real estate to collect compensation. (this is not authorization, but notification as per law)

3) I am financially capable of purchasing the following businesses at the asking price and terms. Seller may require verification to provide detailed information in some instances. (this complies with broker agreement with seller)

4) Agree not to solicit any customers, employees, or to contact anyone associated with the business.

5) Agree not to distribute, discuss or provide Confidential information to anyone not associated with above company or legal council for the acquisition thereof. Information may include trade secrets, techniques, marketing objectives, strategy, proformas, design or anything else that is not readily available to public access.

Business (1) _____________________________________________________________

Business (2) _____________________________________________________________

Business (3) _____________________________________________________________

Personally guaranteed by me on this date.

Prospect (1) _________________________________________ Date ________________

City, state, zip code:

Phone Numbers:

Drivers License #


Prospect (2) _________________________________________ Date ________________


City, state, zip code:

Phone Numbers:

Drivers License #


Personally guaranteed by:

Co-operating Broker/Agent/Licensee -

Broker of record -

I agree not to divulge any financial information disclosed to me by above named prospects to anyone other than the seller of the above businesses.

Charles Bennett _______________________________________ Date ________________

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