Corporate Name______________________________________ Monthly Rent________________Lease Exp. Date_____________
Business Name_______________________________________ Options______________ Security on Lease $_________________
Address_____________________________________________ Terms & Conditions_____________________________________
City_______________________________Zip______________ Square feet_________________________________Seats_______
Phone Number________________________________________ Landlord_______________________ Phone__________________
Seller's Agent Name___________________________________ F.F. & E. $___________________________________incl. in price
Address_____________________________________________ Saleable inventory @ Cost $_____________________incl. in price
City________________________________________________ Annual Sales $_____________________________seller will prove
Phone Number_______________________________________ Annual Owner Benefit $_____________________ seller will prove
Business Type_______________________________________ Cash Down Pymt. $______________________________________
Est.(Yrs)_____________ Present Owner (Yrs)______________ Assume Note Bal. $______________________________________
No. Employees (exc.Owner) FT______PT______Mgr_______ Assume Note Bal. $______________________________________
Monthly Payroll______________L/H Imp_________________ New Note-Seller $________________________________________
Accts Rec _________________ Accts Pay_________________ Total Price $____________________________________________
Hours ______________________________________________ Seller will carry note at $__________________________per month
Reason for Sale_______________________________________ including _____% interest on balance over ______________months.
Seller will train at no cost for ________________________days. Seller agrees not to compete for ______ miles for ___________years.


1. Seller engages the Broker on a sole and exclusive basis to sell the above property, including all fixtures, goodwill, trademarks, trade names and inventory.
2. Seller is to pay Broker____% in full but not less than $12,500.00 of the total purchase price at time of sale. Purchase is defined as total consideration.
3. If real property used by the business is sold or leased to buyer provided by broker during the listing term and Seller is owner or principle of owner of said property Seller agrees to pay Broker ( %) of the real estate price or __(%) of the total value of the first term of the lease in full at the time the lease is binding.
4. Seller has supplied information above and warrants it to be true.
5. Broker will make his best effort to sell the property but makes no guarantee the property will sell. The price was arrived at solely by Seller.
6. Seller agrees that if this listing is canceled or withdrawn during listing term the commission shall be due Broker. If Seller does not comply with listing terms for any reason, provide any needed records, or access thereby preventing disposition of the property, the commission is immediately due Broker.
7. If corporate stock is used to convey assets referred to herein, Broker is due a referral fee equal to the fee on an asset sale including debt assumptions.
8. Any information given by Seller may be provided buyers.
9. Seller will verify any and all qualification of buyer and understands that Broker will not make any verifications or warranties including but not limited to buyer's health, experience, competency, residency, and financial status.
10. The commission is due if anyone during the listing term or if anyone referred by Broker within 2 years from termination of this agreement:

Enters into a Purchase Agreement or a contract to sell, accepts a deposit, offers a purchase option or does any act equivalent to a sale.
Has an employment, independent contractor, or consulting relationship.
Leases, trades or options any assets outside the normal course of trade.

11. This agreement shall start on the date below and continue 12 months.
12. If a suit is filed to enforce Brokers rights and Broker wins, seller will pay Brokers fee, legal costs and 1% monthly interest pre and post judgment.
13. All offers are to be presented on Brokers forms in Brokers office.
14. For confidentiality no outside sub-agents will be used by Broker.

Seller (dated signature)

Employment Accepted by Broker
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