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These are the same books you will find in law libraries, medical reference rooms, MBA source books and other difficult to obtain first published books.

These titles will be dropped shipped from the publisher. We have access to some titles 'pre-publication' before being released to the schools and stores.

Valuation of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets, 3rd Edition

$170.00 US - 638 pages - #0471-362816 - by Russell L. Parr

While most books focus on appraisals, they fail to evaluate the two most valuabale assets, technology and trademarks... this book is designed to simplify the process of attaching a dollar amount to intangible assets - be it for licensing, mergers and acquisitions, loan collateral, or investment purposes.

  • Written in plain English - explains complex concepts and formulas in easy-to-understand language
  • The appendices include investment rate of return requirements, the Usea and Abuse of the Iowa Curve, Sample Patent Registration, and Sample Copyright Registration.
  • Considered the foremost book on this issue, with expanded coverage of several key topics, including market value and accounting value, capitalization, licensing and royalty rates, domain name valuation, embryonic technology valuation, and university technology transfers.




    Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructurings, 2nd Edition

    $75.00 US - 636 pages - #0471-316709 - by Patrick A. Gaughan

    The world of mergers and corporate restructuring has undergone dramatic change in the past several years. The highly leveraged, bust-up deals of the 1980s have been replaced by more strategically designed, less leveraged transactions. Today's deals feature a wide variet of transactions thta span the full spectrum from large megadeals to various forms of downsizing. while many of the characteristics of the 1980s are still relevant, other newer techniques have been developed and play a major role in today's transactions.

    This edition takes a fresh look at mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate restructuring practices now in use and describes how they are currently being used to revitalized and supercharge companies.




    Workouts &Turnarounds II: Global Restructuring Strategies for the Next Century

    $95.00 US - 480 pages - #0471-246360 - by Price, Waterhouse Coopers

    An excellent reference for professionals who need to gain insights about the key issues involving workouts and turnarounds, from 23 leading authroities in the field of workouts and turnarounds, corporate restructuring and bankrupcy consulting.

    Provides proven methods for determining the likelihood of a turnaround in a distressed company, presneting decision factors on whether to liquidate, restructure or sell.

  • Covers the benefits, perils and pitfillas of currently available financing alternatives for troubled comanies.
  • Provides methods for accurately analyzing financial statements filed with the SEC.
  • Shows techniques in managing in a crisis situation - the perspective from the company and the creditors.
  • Includes thelegal and practical considerations of international restructuring.
  • Contains case studies of turnarounds in progress.



    Mergers and Acquisitions: Business Strategies for Accountants, 2nd Edition

    $125.00 US - 444 pages - Published June 15, 2000 - #0471-38187X - by Joseph M. Morris -

    Discusses major accounting standards, compliance, and tax issues that are of a concern to accountants involved with mergers and acquisitions.

  • Provides step-by-step guidance on reviewing an acquisition candidate, setting up and implementing computer system transitions, accounting for the business combination, tax compliance, and regulatory considerations.
  • Provides a comprehensive discussion on technical accounting and tax requirements such as pertinent theoretical aspects and gives practical procedural information and examples of application.
  • The area of mergers and acquisitions exploded in 1998 to an unprecedented level of $1.6trillion, a 76% increase over 1997 and continues to be a demanding professional area for accountants. In addition to working with comples accounting requirements, accountants find themselves in the middle of various business aspects of merger and acquisition searches, preacquisition reviews, due dilligence work, reviews of transaction structure and contracts, monitoring compliance with contract terms, planning for and complying with tax laws and regualtions, SEC and regulatory compliance, auditing, postacquisiition transition and integration. This book shows accountants how to achieve competence in the area of M&A by describing the rules and regulations they must follow.




    Buying & Selling Businesses: Including Forms, Formulas, & Industry Secrets

    $87.95 US - 335 pages - #0471-243361 - by William W. Bustead - SOLD OUT

    Must reading for business sellers, buyers and the professionals who serve them.

    The secret of success in any business venture is in the details. In Buying and Selling Businesses, a remarkably successful business consultant supplies you with all the details you'll need to expand your professional practice into this booming market. Bill Bumstead covers everything from business valuation to closing the deal and gives you lots of tips on marketing your services, dealing with buyers and sellers, and avoiding the industry's many pitfalls. This indispensable guide:

  • Provides practical strategies for marketing intermediary services to buyers and sellers of businesses
  • Shows you how to combine the business of buying with the business of selling
  • Supplies numerous samle checklists and forms
  • Helps you work effectively with buyers and sellers
  • Includes an extensive glossary and an industry resource list
  • For anyone interested in buying and selling businesses, this is the ultimate resource.




    Cost of Capitol - Estimation and Applications

    $69.95 - 226 pages - by Shannon Pratt

    "This is a book that is likely to serve as the standard reference on cost of capitol. It will join Shannon Pratt's set of valuation books in providing the theoretical foundation and practical procedures in valuation, capitol budgeting, and investment decision making." Ibbotson Associates

    "It's about time! The M&A, valuation, and finance professions have needed this book for a long time... Pratt's Cost of Capitol is a very good resource for dealmakers. It is also a terrific learning tool for beginner appraisers and a welcome refresher for the experienced valuataion practioner." Phillips Hitchner Group

    "Cost of Capital is written in the classic Pratt style. That is, the book offers the types of comentaries and observations that the reader would enjoy from a personal conversation with Shannon Pratt. In Cost of Capital, Dr. Pratt has made another significant contribution to the literature of finance." Willamette Management

    "Shannon has succeeded in demystifying the complicated cost of capital concept in a clear and concise way!" Apogee Business Valuations

    "The most coherent book written on the cost of capital; and a must-have for any serious business appraiser, the experienced practitioner as well as the beginner." Ellin and Tucker



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