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Book 1 -*

Franchise Bible, 4th edition
How to Buy A Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business

by Erwin J. Keup
If you are thinking about acquiring a franchise or franchising your own business, this indispensable and recognized guide will tell you how to do it, and save you time and money in the process. You'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise system and familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts essential in operating a franchise today.
Paperback $27.95
ISBN 1-55571-526-5
274 pages
The Most Comprehensive Guide to Franchising Available --- Complete with Updated UFOC Guidelines! TheFranchise Bible is equally useful for the prospective franchisee or franchisor. This complete and practical guide, including sample documents and checklists, explains in detail what the franchise system entails and the precise benefits it offers. The book will familiarize you with the terms and conditions of a franchise agreement which both franchisees and franchisors should be aware of, and what information you must provide if you are to be a franchisor.

Franchise Bible helps you:

Determine whether you would make a suitable franchisor or franchisee.

Decide if your best course of action is to buy a franchise or start your own (unfranchised) business.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise marketing system.

Familiarize yourself with the offering circular and what items it should contain.

Consider expanding your current business by franchising.

This book will save you from making costly errors by explaining in detail what a franchisee should expect from a franchisor in the way of services and support, and what the franchisor's contractual obligations are to the franchisee. The book will familiarize you with the franchise process, saving you money on attorney and consulting fees, since you will be able to do much of the preliminary research yourself. In addition, the book provides checklists and forms to help the prospective franchisee rate a potential franchisor. Franchise Bible encourages the potential franchisor or franchisee to carefully consider whether he or she is personally suited to this unique and challenging way of doing business.


Chapter 1: Buying a Franchise
Chapter 2: Learning about Franchise Documents
Chapter 3: Buying a Local Business
Chapter 4: Buying a Local Franchise Operation
Chapter 5: Franchising Basics
Chapter 6: Franchising and Other Alternative Methods of Expansion
Chapter 7: Building a Strong Franchising Foundation
Chapter 8: Franchise Laws
Chapter 9: Choosing a Franchise Attorney
Chapter 10: Making Your Franchise Operation Work
Chapter 11: Final Thoughts on Franchising
Appendix A: Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
Appendix B: Franchise Agreement and Franchise Deposit Agreement
Appendix C: Background Questionnaire for Franchise Agreement
Appendix D: Background Information for Franchise Agreement
Appendix E: State Franchise Information Guidelines
Appendix F: Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) Guidelines
Plus Checklists and Worksheets


Book 2 - *

No Money Down Financing for Franchising

by Roger C. Rule
An essential resource for securing finances and building the foundation to a winning franchise. Broken down into three logical progressions, this book explores every resource available for franchise financing, including many methods that require no money down, and explains the vital points that will prepare you in obtaining your franchise goals.
Paperback $19.95
ISBN 1-55571-462-5
240 pages
An essential resource if you are considering a franchised business. Build a custom business plan that will get your franchise financed. Explore the financing resources available to you --- some of which require no money down.
Save time and money through the books step-by-step approach to finding funds. Efficiently maneuver through No Money Down Financing for FranchisingÕs three logical progressions. Analyze your own credit and financial ratings. Understand all the necessary investment requirements. Prepare detailed financial reports and create important graphs from the many examples that show you how. Learn how to combine all the elements of your business plan with those of your franchiser.
Get insiders secrets to finance your enterprise in No Money Down Financing for Franchising. Keeps you updated on franchising – past and present. Use the author's tips for developing a meaningful business plan that addresses questions frequently asked by lenders. Find out who to present your plan to, and how to execute it with confidence. Follow through by targeting one of the thirty lending agencies listed. Consider doing business with a franchisor that provides some financial assistance – over 600 are listed!
Give a winning presentation of yourself and your plan that addresses the specialized adjustments required for franchise businesses. Use No Money Down Financing for Franchising to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.


Chapter 1. Your Financial Picture
Chapter 2. Understanding Your Investment Costs
Chapter 3. A Professional Presentation
Chapter 4. The Business Summary
Chapter 5. The Franchise Overview
Chapter 6. The Market
Chapter 7. The Marketing Plan
Chapter 8. Management Qualifications
Chapter 9. Financial Pro Formas
Chapter 10. Loan Request or Investment Offering
Chapter 11. Business Plan Exhibits
Chapter 12. Sources for Equity Financing
Chapter 13. Sources for Debt Financing
Chapter 14. Franchisor Financial Assistance
Chapter 15. Presenting Your Business Plan
Appendices A-F


Book 3 -*

The Franchise Redbook: Easy-to-Use Facts and Figures

by Roger C. Rule
An up-to-date, accurate, and user-friendly reference to help determine your best franchise opportunity and options. The organized listings simplify the pros and cons of the franchises within your area of interest. Ideal for selecting a franchise, doing market and comparative analysis, preparing a marketing or business plan, preparing contact lists, or doing any other research on franchises.
Paperback $34.95
ISBN 1-55571-484-6
750 pages
An accurate and user-friendly reference that will help determine what your best franchise opportunity is.
An Unparalleled Wealth of Information
While there are several other reference books available, The Franchise Redbook is the only up-to-date, comprehensive, and by far the easiest to use for determining what franchise options are available and best for you.
First, you will find evaluating questionnaires and honest discussions about the key concepts behind franchising in today's marketplace --- all helping you interpret the elements that make a successful and rewarding franchise match.
Franchise Industries Facts and Figures
The organized listings make it easy to weigh the pros and cons of the franchises within your interest. In Part II, you can easily find one franchise and all of its competitors without having to flip pages back and forth --- arranged alphabetically within their business specialities (as standardized by the International Franchise Association) and the within their industry. Appendices also categorize and rank franchises based on key factors that are important to you.
The information is ideal for selecting a franchise, doing market and comparative analysis, preparing a marketing plan, completing a business plan, preparing contact lists, or doing any other research on franchises. Broken down into 142 categories, more than 1,200 franchises are summarized with key averages, followed by a complete guide to compare financial and other fundamental information, previously unavailable in any other single source.

What's Inside:

Part I: Basics of Franchising
Includes definitions, advantages of franchising, how to become a franchisee, and how to use this book

Part II: Franchise Industries Facts and Figures
Includes a summary of statistics, and easy to locate, industry-specific spreads
Part III: Alphabetical Tables Listing Franchises by Category
Includes Franchises by start-up costs, franchise fee, product and services, geographic area, total units, and royalty percentages
State Regulatory Agencies, International Franchise Associations, Questionnaire
Index of Franchises


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