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Welcome to the Bizology business brokerage website. This site reflects our standards as professional business brokers in Virginia and Florida. Of doing everything we possibly can to help you, our customers, find a business for sale that meets your needs and help clients find the buyer that fits their business requirements. It is not easy. Much of the time is spent in the learning process unless you have bought or sold a business before. To assist in the process, we thought you should have a site to access to find the answers for all your questions. We hope that you will find this site to be informative and user friendly. Click on the highlighted topics that will be of interest to you or for your search for a business for sale.

This site has been designed at 800x600 screen resolution for optimum results.

The information will prove most useful to the person seeking to purchase a business or perhaps contemplating selling one for the first time. Many times the process is spent gathering facts and information regarding the sale and purchase. At Bizology.com we have tried to give you a direct source to the answers for your questions. There are sample forms for you to become familiar with. Contracts for you to read over so that you are comfortable when the time comes to fill one out. This enables each party to the transaction to understand what the other party is also going through! It can be stressful being a first time buyer searching for a fair priced business or a qualifier for an E-2 Visa. Selling a business can be just as intimidating as you are concerned with not wanting just anyone to know that your business is "for sale" unless they truly are ready, willing and able to purchase it.

Why waste your valuable time running around looking at businesses that are not seriously for sale? Or showing your books, records and equipment to someone not ready to buy? There are no secrets. We all arrive at the same answers. It is just a matter of time. Good luck and call us when you are ready for your business purchase or business sale.

Please note that at the bottom of each page you may click on Charles Bennett, email or Brokers to email directly. Please do so with comments, additions or corrections. (Many times I am up at 2-3 AM working on this and sometimes...) Use your browser to go back to the last page visited, check the bottom of the page or side bar for the index map. This site has been provided to be as informative as possible, you should still seek competent legal and tax advice for any business matters. cb


Our goal was to set Bizology.com to up load quickly by keeping it simple to view and very informative. Our philosophy goes back to the beginning -

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Anything you want to learn about business opportunities or businesses for sale should be only 2-3 clicks away. This site is updated often so be sure to click your browser's refresh button to clear your computer's cache memory. If you would like to link to us feel free. If you are an edu site or University, keep in mind that much of this is opinional and not a science. Even the IRS has a hard time with business valuations!

"We intend to earn your business. Let's get started." cb

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