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"From time to time I am asked to write an article for a trade publication or an ezine (email based magazine) based on valuation, how to sell, or preparing a business for sale. Some comments are based on the website. The following are some unsolicited comments and I welcome yours." cb And yes, I do edit to protect buyer/seller identity!

June 14, 2001
I am writing to disagree with some of the info u have on the show me the money area. How can anyone make an offer for a business without taking a look at the actual financials. That is a ridiculous way of making an offer. How would the buyer value the business without knowing the earning power of the business and also it is the most important issue when looking to buy a business. It tells the buyer the truth about the business. Meeting the seller over coffee and discussing this and that means nothing without knowing exactly everything about the business. So when u say discuss everything with the seller and then make an offer - make an offer based on what??? - on what the seller tells u - obviously not - it should be based on what the earning potential of the business is and what the seller tells u - we buyers need facts!!!. And another thing - why should a buyer reveal some of their personal info to a stranger - theres no need - the seller isnt the buyer!!!!! All the seller needs is are u interested in buying the business, at what price and when - based on all the information including the financials which is the most important aspect of the business. So I completely disagree with what youve written. Its bullshit!!!
xxx Patel
September 14, 2000
Honest, direct, no pulling of punches. Refreshing. I'll be back.
August 30, 2000
Dear Charles:
I have enjoyed your website for several months. I am impressed with your
presence and level of information available to buyers.
I have owned and operated a general contracting firm for 20 years. I build
in the very highest niche in xxxxxxxxxx and I have been burning out for several
years. Of late I have considered the acquisition of an existing business and
have spent many hours reviewing businesses for sale on the net. I negotiated
on 1 interesting business but it fell through when my diligence showed the
business for sale was not exactly the business represented. The golf website
looked interesting at 150k but I shy away from such a learning curve -- wish
I had looked more closely. I have seen a listing for sandwich manufacturing
on Mid Atlantic, but not on your site so I presume that's sold.
Anyway... I would like to purchase a business that produces real cash of
$250,000 after debt service. It will be a business that I can understand and
have no obvious impediments. I don't mind seasonality but I don't really
want heavy cycle sensitive business. I have $300,000 available for a down
payment and will buy a business if I can find a good fit. I am flexible and
the business will strike a chord with my imagination.
I would like you to know I'm here and looking. I will not waste a lot of
your time. I can look at the concept and financials and quickly decide if I
wish to pursue any further investigation.
Feel free to contact me.
xxx-xxx-xxxx fax
August 16, 2000
Mr. Bennett
I must admit, I was sceptical of your 'undercover mystery shopper' evaluation
of the business I had an offer on. You uncovered more in one day, than the
selling broker told me in two weeks of negotiating. You were right, he is not
state licensed. I followed your advice and withdrew my offer of $162,000 all cash
and the seller just contacted me directly and offered me the business at $70,000.
He doesn't know that I know the landlord is evicting him! I have decided to keep
looking. Your fee saved the life savings of my wife and I. You were a bit direct
in pointing out my lack of experience and knowledge in this business. I am not sure
if I really would have lost everything in six months, but you created a doubt and
I was not willing to risk it all. I wish you would consider coming here to find me a
xx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx
July 29, 2000
Mr. Bennett,

I just wanted to let you know how much it ment to me that you would
answer my question so fast..I sure wish you were closer where I could use
your services. Once again thank you!
July 27, 2000
I would like to thank you for you web pages. they are invaluable to
a small business owner such as myself. In my area of Texas there is no
real estate broker or business broker that will help to sell a
newspaper..I know I have tried, so I am forced to try and do it by
myself, until I get to the point of needing an attorney.

I have two questions: 1. In setting a selling price how do I handle
the accounts receivable? Since most of my business is on credit this is
a very important question.

2. Do you have any advice for a person in my position?
In advance, Thank you so very much for you help. I was like a babe in
the woods!!
July 8, 2000
charles, your concept is not unique but it is apparently thorough and well
thought out for competing in the industry....please send more
June 15, 2000
Hi Charlie,
What a pleasure to get this response from you. It is very informative as
well as courteous.
Thanks for taking time to reply. I will keep in mind what you have shared.
I agree with much of what you have said and find the volatility to be
exciting. We shall see what tomorrow brings.
Thanks again and best of luck to you.
Jxxx Pxxxxxx
May 27, 2000
Mr. Bennett,

Your site has been the most helpful of any sites I have checked out. I have contacted two local business brokers in the Atlanta, Ga area. Both have "stood me up" for meetings with no call back. I need help in selling a small business (annual income $90,000). It is a specialized business and will require a "special" purchaser. I would appreciate any information on brokers in the Atlanta, Ga area that would be willing to meet with me reagrding listing and selling my business.
Jxxxx Cxxxxxxx
May 10, 2000
Mr. Bennett:
I deeply appreciate your response and I don't feel so much like I'm swimming upstream. You were very helpful.
Thanks again.
Sxxxxx Dxxxxxx
April 10, 2000
It makes me wonder how deals will get done with the combination of the new
capital gain's laws and the new SBA loan requirements. Geez, things don't
get any easier. Checked out your web site, looks like one of the best
brokerage sites I've seen. You must have and continue to put a ton of time
into it. So how much residential real estate do you get into? (none-cb) Your
article on the licensing issue is pretty good. New York state and the
commonwealth of PA are both non-license state but the laws are real murky.
I was licensed and then it was suggested that I shouldn't be so I don't
fall under the regs of the state! Unbelievable. If I could get some
cheese down to you in a shape that was still consumable I would, we are in
the "cheddar" area of New York.
Take care,
xxxxxxxx (business broker)
March 31, 2000
my kids are interested in buying a restaurant and would like to know what would the multiplier be that a seller would use against their gross or maybe i have not stated it correctly....if one had a gross of 1 million what price would that business be selling at...I hope that you do not mind anwering this...I was trying to help since we will be helping with some of the finances...
March 30, 2000
Your Web page is great and very informative for this first-time business
buyer. (haven't bought one yet)
Thanks for your service -- I might go visit a seller this week. If I
need your help/advice I'll dash an email to you.
(This came in from Fort Lauderdale after referring a buyer and seller together with the attorney.)
March 15, 2000
Hey, Charlie. It's xxx from Attorney xxxx's office. Were your ears burning yesterday? The new people you sent in (I think their name was xxx) and Attoney xxxx and I were all talking about you and how sorry we all are that you left. Attorney xxxx told them you were the only business broker he ever trusted, and they said they didn't even want to sell their business without you here. They seemed to like Attorney xxxx a lot and be comfortable with him. They seem like super sincere people. Thanks for the referral. Attorney xxxx's son lives up your way, so maybe some day we'll be able to return the favor.
We all miss you here.
xxx (names on file if needed)

February 28, 2000
Dear Mr Bennett,
Are you able to handle the sale of businesses in Africa that foreign investors
would be interested in buying?
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
February 26, 2000
Dear Charles:
I am an attorney in Florida and my mother owns a xxxxxxxx business in
xxxx xxxxxxx, Florida that produces approximately 1 million in gross sales a
year. She is interested in selling the business and if you could contact me
to be a listing broker we may be willing to use you.
xxxx xxxxxx
February 23, 2000
We are interested in selling an independent insurance agency located on
xxxxx, SC and relocating to Southern Florida.

Do you have any experience in placing a value on, and selling, an insurance agency?

Gross annual premiums are $2.2M. Commissions paid to the agency are $309,000 annually. We are primarily a personal lines agency and have been in business since 19xx

Please contact me if you have any interest in offering advice or in representing our agency for sale
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
February 14, 2000
Hello, I came across your web site while in the search for a business brokerage.
We are a manufacturer in the ag industry with revenues of 3 to 5 million
a year and are located in xxxx texas. We have sales all over the midwest, south,
canada, mexico, and australia. We are looking to sell and was wondering if you
have the capability of selling, or help us to sell our company.

thanks for your time. xxxx
February 11, 2000
I OWN A THRIVING PLANT NURSERY IN xxxx TX, and i would like a few
referrals from you , if possible, to help me sell. i am ready to move on to a new
project in xxxx mexico.
please advize/help!

February 9, 2000
Mr. Bennett, My husband and I own a xxxx pool construction business in xxx , Florida.
We are interested in selling our business for health reasons. This area is next to xxxx xxxxxxxxx,
and is growing overnight. It is so beautiful here. We literally have just one other company
who builds xxxx pools here, so we have no competition. Please send me some information
about your company so I will be able to start the process of putting our business on the market.
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
February 2, 2000
I visited your website tonight and was impressed with the wealth of information you provide your clients. I got some good ideas for setting up are own website.


xxxx xxxxxxx
Southern California Business Brokers
January 26, 2000
Considering selling my fast food restaurant franchise which is part of a
national chain. Would like to utilize a broker specializing in the selling of
franchises in the state of Alabama, preferably North Alabama. Can you
refer/recommend a broker I could contact regarding my desire?
January 16, 2000
I've made your site one of my Best of the Net designees. Great work! I've
attached an award graphic if you care to display it.
Ed Martin Guide to Small Business Information
It's About real people on the Net
January 11, 2000
Thank-you-Very-Much. for such a fast response. I appreciate it very much.
Wish most people did there Jobs like you. Show this to your BOSS!
Yours Truly
Oxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
(Are you kidding? I still let her call me three times for dinner! cb)
January 2, 2000
Your site is one of the most professionally organized sites that I have visited. I have been frustrated in my search for a small business located in the xxxxxxxx, XX area by the lack of professionalism displayed by other "business" listing sites on the internet. To compound this frustration the local XX brokers rarely follow up to inquiries (even after an NDA and financial disclosure has been sent).

I will continue to monitor your site and if you ever post listings for small business in the geographic area that I am interested in, I will be in contact.

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
September 30, 1999
Thank you sooo much for your info. Sxxx and I will take some time to go over all of what you've explained, in an attempt to put together what we're worth in $$$ (course if you ask us, with all of our blood, sweat, & tears.. no one could pay enough--ha ha) I sure appreciate your time and I will let you know what we come up with--Business has been good here--we've only been in business for ten years, and it did take a few years to build up our client list---but it's going very well now, we have an excellent reputation and work for Government, County, State, and many Municipal Agencies. I'll be in touch soon--
Thank You,
September 27, 1999
Dear Mr. Bennett,
I was given your name and website address in hopes of becoming part of a general contractors list your firm may carry while you are helping to buy/sell/establish new franchises. I want to know how I could send our company's information, Commercial Consultants, Inc., to you for consideration. We are located in the Balt/Wash area but provide construction services throughout the East Coast. If could respond with regards to whom this information could be sent to, I would appreciate your time.
September 21, 1999
We can always add back things that were expensed, but cannot add revenue that never found its way into the P&L statement in the first place. Start with the bottom line and add back depreciation, amortization and interest expense. You can also add back all the current owner's compensation whether it be salary, auto allowance or season tickets to the Redskins. The next step would be to then DEDUCT a "normalized" overhead amount. This depends of who your buyer is, whether they have outside income and what kinds of debts they have. Use 3 times annual payments on the buyer's home mortgage for a rule of thumb. Now you will have cash flow available for debt service. Max term here (without real estate) is 10 years fully amortizing. Our minimum loan amount of $300,000 at 10% for 10 years requires annual payments of about $48,000. We need to cover at 1.45 which means adjusted cash flow needs to be at least $70,000. This assumes that there would be no debt remaining on the books (except lender) and there is no minimum rent for which the company is liable in connection with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Non-recurring expenses such as capital purchases can be added back as well. Although my primary territory is Mid-Atlantic, I can lend anywhere nationwide. Since I'm from Rhode Island, I'd be happy to help you out on a transaction in New England.
Call if you wish to discuss
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
September 21, 1999
In search of interested buyers or investors for the purchase of an existing hotel & casino in xxx xxxx, within the business plan to include a world renown American franchise, minimum investment of $20,000,000. There is a minimum as part of the deal to franchise, a minimum of three bar & restaurants... xxxxxxxx is ready and needs this sort of impact in the entertainment & hospitality industry. please feel free to contact me if you might have anyone interested in such,
thank you.
September 13, 1999
I really enjoyed your web site. I have a child care center in xxxxxx that was on the market for 9 months without success. I used a friend who was not real knowledgeable in commercial sales. The center is small but I have been in business for 14 years. It's now time for a change. I own and operate with 4 other staff this child care center. I understand you are not in our area, but do you know of a starting point? I learned so much on the site.
Thanks xxxxxx

August 26, 1999
Hi Charlie,
Thanks for the compliment on the site, I mean that because I created it. I must say though, it is far from complete, riddled with typos and in general less than 30% of what it will be when I complete it. The site is not registered with any engines for these reasons. Yes I used to write for several trade magazines in the xxxx arena. Why sell? I want more capital and management strength to help take the business to 10 to 20 mil over the next 5-10 years. I think your assumptions about the business are fairly accurate. How did you become so knowledgeable about my kind of company? You asked about my intentions. I am thinking along the line of keeping a minority interest, taking some cash off the table, staying around and helping some skilled corporate type manager build this business to 10 to 20 mil over the next 5 to 10 years then sell out for good. I am 51 years old in good health but I do love to sail.
Dan xxxxx
August 25, 1999
I happened onto your site. I went thru a number of your internal links. They were very good.
I am an info. junkie so I loved looking at your site. Incidentally, I have been in business for 30 years (and, no, I do not want to sell my business) and I have an MBA from a prestigious school. But what is exciting is that I truly learned some interesting points from your location. Do not use my name but you are offering a major service to your clients. Your site will bring you additional business.
Good Look and keep selling.
Rxxx xxxx
August 20, 1999
Charles I recently purchased a Sandler Franchise and will be opening the first center in Richmond. The first class will not get underway until November. My plan is to launch a training center in the Tidewater area in the first quarter of 2000.
However I would certainly like to buy you lunch at your convenience within the next few weeks and get your input relative to your experience and expectations around the Sandler System.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Great Selling!
Mike Carroll
August 13, 1999
Thank you for the prompt responses. We are a job shop machine shop specializing in what is euphemistically known as "screw machine products", but is much more than that. (Technology has done some wonderful things to the trade). Many of our machines are brand new and have computers (CNC) controlling them.
Thus we are really a state of the art manufacturing firm supplying the communications (hand held radios and cell phones) and aerospace industries (primarily thru xxx). Sales for the F/Y 1999 ending 2/28/99 was just short of $8MM. Growth has averaged 25% per year over the past 5 years. Profits are quite good. EBITDA for last year seems to be $1.7MM.
What I am hoping to find is a seasoned veteran of M&A with a strong dose of manufacturing management. I don't think an attorney without the background is what I need. In fact, my brother in law has the legal background and significant negotiating skills. The reasoning is like this: in the course of discussions, the buyer will be asking for information and concessions that are normal, somewhat unusual and possibly off the wall. I need someone with the experience to know
which is which. I am already finding that my business instincts are not sufficient to guide me well. The buyer asked me to confirm that I was willing to convey all the machinery Free and clear (meaning that I would pay off all loans). I have now found about my options (eb'i'da) etc., but at the time I wanted to tell him "hell no". Wrong answer. I am sure that a lot more issues will arise. I would like superior counseling.Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will be most grateful if you can assist me in finding the right person.
August 12, 1999
Charles: Good afternoon. I am rapidly approaching the beginnings of serious negotiations on the sale of my business. I have a buyer with whom I have had meetings. The buyer is a larger corporation with division(s) in my industry. The buyer has the wherewithal and desire to complete the transaction. I have never sold a business before and this may be the biggest deal I will ever do. I do not want to mess it up or not get all that is available. I am looking for a "local"
consultant to lead the way thru the maze of issues etc. to get me safely home. I see VA on the website but you showed up on a search of Florida consultants. Please feel free to call (confidentially) at 1-800-xxx-xxxx or page me at 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. We may happen to have business to discuss. Alternatively, if you are not local, please advise if you know someone who meets my criteria in being knowledgeable and experienced in operations of a business and formulating strategies for business acquisitions. thank you
August 11, 1999
Hi There--I was wondering if you might be able to assist us--we own a Well Drilling, Pump Installation, and Water Filtration Company in xxxxxx. We are wondering what the market is (if there is even a market) for a business of our kind. We have been in business for ten years, are extremely well established, and have an excellent reputation in our area. We have a solid client base with new clients phoning daily. We would be interested in the possibility of selling our
business in the future and are currently attempting to set systems in place that will add to the value of our business. However, our concern lies in some of the research we have already done (although, not extremely detailed), which points to the possibility that businesses of our type don't usually sell as a "whole business" but seem to be sold by the piece. In other words, equipment sold separably, etc. If you have any information that may be helpful to us, I would sure appreciate a response--or if you have any client's that are interested in the water business in California--we would be interested in additional information on your services and how we might be able to work together. Thank you for your time, it is truly appreciated!!
Sincerely yours,
xxxxxxx xxxxxx
July 26, 1999
Mr. Bennett
I have a business that grosses 2.2 million and I pay taxes on aprox. 10% profit I have Aprox. $900,000. in real estate & stock which I believe is a conservative estimate. I'm thinking about selling, please get back to me. (responded within hours)
Charlie, I would like to sell everything aprox $700,000 [cost], Trucks & Equipment etc., Aprox. 8 acres commercial/industrial zoned on xxxxxx, xxxx. clean 8,500 sq.. Ft. metal building, with truck spray booth & workshop and office equipment. Good will, and will work with buyer, to teach and acclimate to business. I owe aprox $120,000. on building, and $100,000
xx xxxxx
July 25, 1999
Hi Charles,
Visited your site from linkexchange. You have done a fine job - congratulations. If you have no objections I will establish a link to your site from mine.
Be well and enjoy,
Ted Burbank, FCBI
The Burbank Group, Inc.
508 791-5600
Re: Development of Internet pre-wiring for subdivision/communities
July 23, 1999
Thanks again for the info! I am from Virginia, (Richmond in fact) .. I looked (briefly) on the net after receiving your mail, and found a whole lot about "other" Williamsburgs... (that's when I replied to your message to make sure it was Virginia) ... but after a little more searching I was able to find the web page for the community and also the one for the parent development company. It looks as though they have succeeded in doing something similar to what we want to do... I suspect I will drive down and check the community out, and probably get in touch with both Cox and the parent development company to see what type of deal they were able to work out...
Thanks again -- you've been a big help!
Exxc Wxxx
xxxxxxxxx Partners


==== BILLBOARD ========================================
From: Tom Brown <> July 22, 1999
Subject: Re: More Domain Name Issues

Charlie Bennett wrote,
<snip>...allegedly there is a new law in legislation...making it a criminal act, felony, and a $300,000 fine for anyone who registers a domain name that is a trademarked or a variant with the 'intent' to later sell the name for a profit.<snip>
Yes, this is in the works. IMHO not a bad move against "cybersquatters" who register a "trademarked" name and then attempt to "blackmail" the company to transfer it to them. There are domain businesses (like mine) which create and register desirable names and
then offer them for sale, but that's not the same as blackmailing a company to pay big bucks to buy what should be rightfully its domain name to begin with. I, for one, always do a preliminary trademark search before I register a name I've created, and if there's anything CLOSE on the records, I don't go forward with it.
Charlie Bennett wrote <snip>I am not a lawyer and will not name names... but the little guys are losing big time and the billion dollar companies are the one's winning.<
I'm all for the little guy, but little guy blackmailers are just as bad as big guy blackmailers!
Just my .01...
Tom Brown
RE: A new medical franchise coming
July 19, 1999
Dear Mr. Bennett,
The name of the franchise is Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I have been in this business for 23 years. The revised UFOC is finished pending my attorney's review. I am searching for brokers for these franchises. I am planning to concentrate on the Southeast at first. We are located in xxxxxxxxxxx,xx.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
July 14, 1999
Do you have a fax number so I can send you a little history of the
company? We are a One hour photo lab and retail camera and accessory
store. We have been in business under the same name in xxxxxxxxxxxx for
xx years. We are in a small strip plaza which I built and own in an
affluent shoping district in a suburb. Our store caters to high class
clients and we have a lot of comercial accounts such as police and
schools. Our gross is around 450k yearly and have increases every year
for the past ten years. I do not want to deal with local business
brokers, of which there is only one. I feel it is suicide to let our
customers know we are for sale. This is a great business for someone who
has retired early or looking to get out of the big city life and still
earn a good living. With respect to price I am not sure how to value it.
Let me know your fax or call me at the store xxx-xxx-xxxx.
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
July 14, 1999
Thank you for responding so promptly. I would like more information about
your service , how much you charge for it, what it includes, if you think i
have a sellable entity.
what kind of information do you require from me? Tax returns, profit loss
Vxxxx xxxx
Cxxxxxx Inc
xxxxxx Inc
July 13, 1999
Mr. Bennett,
I own 2 service business in the xxxxx,xx area, and had to move
suddenly due to a family illness. Both are going concerns but I am no
longer able to run them long distance. One business is a xxx service
which performs xxxxxxx of damaged xxx. The other business is xxxx
company which specializes in xxxxxx of wooden decks/ Housewashing/ concrete cleaning.
I would like to explore the opportunity to see if I have a sellable entiity.
Can you help me or point me in the right direction.
Vxxxx xxxx
Czzzzzz Inc
Dzzzzz Inc
July 3, 1999
Mr Bennett
I am investigating the possibility of selling our telecommunications cabling
business located in xx. We are presently operating at a $100,000
profit monthly. Please contact me if this is something that fits into the
scope of your expertise.
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, VP
Sxxxxxx, Inc.
xxx xxx xxxx telephone
xxx xxx xxxx facsimile
Dear Chas,
I am considering selling my 54 year old business in xxxxx, PA.
Can you suggest someone such as yourself who is trustworthy that deals
in Pa.?
Thanks, Dave xxxx
PS great web site!!!
Hello Mr. Bennett. I just read your article, which I found using
Can you tell me if this new law is federal and applies to all 50 states (I
am located in Texas). Also, when/if I sell my home am I required to
purchase another home within a certain time frame (I am 32 y.o.) to avoid
paying taxes on the profit. My home is 40+ years old and there will be quite a profit and I'm trying to determine what the tax ramifications will be. Thank you very much!
Lara xxxxxx
Fort Worth, TX
I am a business broker in the Dallas area. I have recently been engaged by
a client to bring in a buyer for his internet based business. I was
surfing the internet for buyers when I came across your web-site. If you
have any buyers that might be interested in an internet business making
about $150k+ per year, please give me a call. I will enter into a
co-brokerage agreement if you feel you have a qualified buyer.
Bryan xxxx
Hi Charles:
Just wanted you to know that your post in LED #601
about establishing worth/value was excellent.
Most ventures on this volatile frontier called the net is
an experiment at best and we would all be wise to
follow your advice.
Well done.
Wendy Gaska
Success Associates Inc
Great post: cogent and very informative. Thanks.
Beatrice Kahn
You did a good job of taking such a big topic and making a few germane and interesting points. Thank you. My business since 1995 is E-Commerce via merchant account set-up and software solutions. It has almost as many moving parts and paperwork as business brokerage did. If I can help you or your clients (buyers) in this area, please let me know.
Mark Harris
Worldwide Merchants E-Commerce
These were from an article I wrote in response to sellers wanting to know what their Internet based business would sell for. I was quoted as:
"In order to establish value you need to establish worth..."
May 9, 1999
We are the largest Network of business brokers in the New England and Midwest regions. Unfortunately our members don't take listings outside our domain so we are forwarding this lead to you.
Please handle this lead with total confidentiality and provide the client with your professional services. Please keep us posted about the lead in order to get future leads from us.
Here is the information:
Subject: I want to list my business with your website....
fullname: xxxxxxxxxxx
address: xxx
fax: xxxxxxxxxxx
email: xxxxxxxxxxx
Location_Of_Business: xxxxxxxxx
Type_Of_Business: financial
SIC_Code: n/a
Brief_Desc_of_Business: money management firm, financial and estate planning; $500k billable revenues; growing concern; two years in business. Turnkey with transition support available.Products_Services: fee based money management business; insurance and investments Price Range: fair price; 1 1/2-2 times revenues
Expected Down Payment: under $400k
Gross Sales: $481k; 1st quarter '99 = $125k
Net Margins: Cost of operation before owner's salary = $250k;
Other Notes: Without any new accounts revenues are tied to growth of
the stock market. For example, revenues increase by 10% annually as the stock
market goes up 10%. Currently $50 million under billing with another $10 million
not under annual billing. New billable money added at the rate of $10-12
million annually. Experienced staff and seller willing to contract for a
period of time to stabilize the transition.
Reason for selling: personal.
May 3, 1999
No cash down!
The cash flow has been as much as $750K annually. It is presently hovering around $10K - $12K per month. This is because I've been too preoccupied with the litigation and a plethora of other problems lately.
I want $5K per month to flow to me. I have experienced people who are interested in helping a new owner and / or equity positions; a salesman and a technician.
There is huge potential here. a couple of million a year revenue is easy to see within a year or two. But cash flows will be negative during restructuring, advertising, etc. You just need to find somebody with backing. I can assist in a smooth transition.
xxxxx has expressed an interest, but they don't have any money. Feel free to contact xxxxxxxx or xxxxxx over there if you like.
Other interested parties have been xxx and xxx, both in xx. I don't think they have money either, they know I'm in some difficulty, so they are circling like buzzards. Thus, my interest in finding another candidate. I mentioned xxx and xxx because a fresh approach might yield something, but I don't think so.
For a percentage of revenue v. cost of sales, xxxxxxx at xxxx has over ten years data doing our corporate tax returns to analyze and give someone a good picture. I'd expect that candidate to pay xxxx for the data.
xxxx xxxxxxxx
Hi Charles -
I noticed your post in I-Search Digest and took a look at your site. I
just wanted to thank you for providing such useful information about buying
or selling a business. It is so refreshing to see sites with good content.
Job well done! Have a great day!
Warmest regards,
Cindy Moorhead
Cindy L. Moorhead, CPA
Moorhead Management Services
Helping Businesses Make Better Credit and Financial Decisions
Some people can say in 100 words what others take 10,000 to say. Enjoyed
your post and learned much. Have book marked your site and look forward to
stopping by now and again.
The reason I wrote to you was in response to your article in the e-zine I
Sales Digest. My site generated $25,000 in gross business and $10,000
profit. My deal is probably not typical since the acquiring company wanted
to buy me for one reason and that was to drive up their stock.
If there is anything I can help with please let me know. I run across a lot
of deals and opportunities so if you need anything more please let me know.
You can reach me at home xxx; office xxx or cell phone xxx.
Dxxx xxx
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