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Buying A Business - First Union offers some insight on buying a business.

Buying vs. Leasing Dilemma - First Union helps the decision process in buying or leasing equipment.

Construction Loan Hints - First Union helps you with construction guidelines for your business.

Financing the Business Purchase - Guidelines from the SBA in purchasing that business.

SBA Loan Hints - First Union offers hints to help get your SBA loan approved.

Structuring the Business Purchase - Guidelines from the SBA on structuring how to take possession.

Venture Capital - Knowing what to to can help you raise the necessary funds.

Venture Capital Angels - Is that business eligible for the 50% tax break?


An easy way to start your business buying power is with the clout of an American Express small business card. When new vendors are reluctant to give you as a new business owner 'net 30' terms, this is an alternative or may sway your vendor's choice.


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