How to register new domain names


Many people tell a new business that you have to do this and you must do that... but many of these well wishers leave out one important ingredient.


My personal opinion is that the Internet will now take off as never imagined. In a short period of time so many domain names were taken, bought up and used that it has become difficult to find one now.

That is about to change. Up until now, the longest name one could register was 23 characters. It forced people to register abbreviations of their name. Common words were registered and millions of dollars were spent on marketing ".com" names for recognition.

Now, you can register up to 67 characters. Instead of being known as <NEWIDGETS> you can be known as <NewEnglandWidgetManufacturersInc> if you wanted to. What web designers have learned is how people search. They do not search for <widgets> they search for "widgets manufactured in New England". People search on the Internet via search engines (even if they don't know it) and that is how they find you. Or don't.

Netscape browsers currently may have trouble with domains longer than 59 characters although IE has no problems with them. Therefore, I'd recommend you keep your domain selections to 59 characters or less to ensure maximum compatibility. The only other caveat is that some hosting services are just recently hearing about the new, longer domains. As I understand it, hosting the longer format is fairly straightforward for hosts, but it helps when your host is already familiar with the new standard. As for the search engines, they appear to accept the longer domains without problems when submitted.

Names are being registered today at a pace not yet seen before. Long names. Search phrases. Statedirectory headings and classifications. Company slogans and themes. If you do not understand the value of having a URL being the same as a search request, ask whomever manages your website!

For less than the cost of a good classified ad in your local paper ($60), you can register your company name, slogan or a key phrase that you think someone would use search for in finding you or your business. Remember "location, location, location," when you were setting up your business? Here is your chance to keep your location!

Register your new domain name while it is still available. If you secure a few extras and want to sell them for a profit, call us! allegedly sold for $7.5 million.

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